Patent - Design - Trademarks - Negotiations


Patents do protect technical products and inventions. It is the design and use of the idea itself that is protected, which means that products as well as methods and uses can be patented. It's important to remember that an innovation must not be presented to the public before a patent application is made. A patent gives you the exclusive right to use the invention professionally for 20 years, for example in sales and manufacturing. We have developed a concept that maximally supports your business process.


Branding is a hallmark with the aim of distinguishing your goods and services from others. A brand can consist of one or more words, a figure or a combination of these. A brand can also be an equipment where the product itself or its packaging is distinctive and acts as a characteristic. In order to be registered, the trademark must have its own distinctive character for the type of goods for which it is used. The thing to keep in mind is that it must not be directly descriptive. TM stands for "trademark" and is most often used for a used but not yet registered trademark. A registered trademark can be marked with the symbol ® which shows that the proprietor of the trademark has the right to the mark.

Design protection

Design protection is an appearance protection that can be obtained for products or product parts with a new and distinctive design. All kinds of designs can be protected, regardless of whether they are of a functional nature or have only an ornamental purpose. Pattern protection can be used to advantage as complementary protection for patent-protected products.

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